Frequently Asked Questions :

Why should I have my thesis proofread?

You want to get good results – a good result can be the difference between correct and understandable grammar and/ or bad vocabulary and too many typos!

My assignment is due in two days – can I email it to you for a quick turnaround?

Yes, email is the most efficient way of sending your work through.  I may print it out for correcting or I may proofread on screen and highlight any obvious errors before forwarding back to you.

I have a 20 page thesis that needs proofing by the end of the week.  Can you help me?

Providing it is not a movie length novel, I can treat your assignment as “priority” and get it back to you, marked up and corrected before the deadline.

I proofread my own work – why do I need to pay someone else to?

A fresh pair of eyes can pick up things, both direct errors and gaps in the work.  You have been working on your assignment for weeks, maybe months, and can often miss the most obvious errors.

I have written a short story and would like to have it published.  Are you able to proofread and look at any editing that might need to be done?

I can sub edit any work that you may have.  This is really just a more ‘in depth’ way of proofreading.  I can advise you on any areas of your story that you may have reservations about.

I have started up a new company and need to market it.  Would you be able to help me with layout  of advertising flyers and relevant content?

Certainly I can help with any advertising and/or marketing materials.  Layout is important, as is information, contact details and relevance.